Erin Kinsella

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Who is Erin?

Erin is an avid reader, writer and traveler. She’s been dreaming about being a writer since she was a child and has been joyfully honing her skills for years. She attended the University of Alberta where she studied psychology and history and also spent over a decade participating in Girl Guides of Canada.

She currently writes full time from her home office, and previously several years working in senior’s care. She’s been asked before what she does for herself since she spends so much time working on her books; her answer has always been that the writing is for herself. She loves crafting stories, researching for them, building characters and worlds and since she is already doing what she loves best she doesn’t feel compelled to spend her time otherwise.

My Writing Assistants

If you watch my vlogs, you’ve probably noticed my decorative background cats. Behold, my beautiful fur babies! Willow is our oldest, Snow is the middle baby and Iggy is our newest addition. We’re not entirely sure of their breeds since they were all rescues, but we speculate domestic short hair, Turkish Angora mix, and Norwegian Forest Cat mix, respectively.


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