Manuscript Critique Packages

A critique helps your manuscript improve by pointing out unnecessary scenes or exposition, inconsistencies with characters, confusing dialogue or world building, etc. It is an honest and thoughtful look at your manuscript to see what’s working and what isn’t. If you want to make sure your story is on the right track, then a critique can be the perfect option for you.

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What is the difference between a critique and editing?

A critique helps your manuscript improve by pointing out unnecessary scenes or exposition, inconsistencies with characters, confusing dialogue or world building, etc. It is an honest and thoughtful look at your manuscript to see what’s working and what isn’t. If you want to make sure your story is on the right track, then a critique can be the perfect option for you.

Editing is done by a trained professional to polish your novel into its final form for publication. Whoever you hire should have training and credentials to do this. A professional edit is going to go much deeper than a critique, hence the steep price difference between these services. It is also a multi-round process to get your book as perfect as you can make it.

What do you get in a critique service?

  • Characters – Is your protagonist engaging? Are readers invested in their struggle? Are they well-developed, believable people?

  • Plot and Pacing – Are your storyline and subplots enjoyable? Are you driving the story forward at every opportunity?

  • World Building – Is the world you’re writing believable? Does it feel real, vivid and engaging?

  • Writing Style – Do you have a developed voice? Does it fit your genre? Are you consistent with point of view? This does not include a developmental or content edit. I am not a trained editor. I am an author who is looking to help other writers make their stories better. This does not include proofreading, line edits or copy edits. You shouldn’t need this before your manuscript has been through the professional edit.

What is a sensitivity reader?

  • A sensitivity reader is a member of a marginalized group who reviews your manuscript for issues with representation and bias.

  • A sensitivity reader does not edit or critique other facets of your work unless that is a service they offer.

  • They are not a guarantee against mistakes. Please understand that people in marginalized groups are not a monolith and experiences vary wildly. What may be offensive for some may not be for others.

What do you do sensitivity reads for?

  • I can read for LGBTQIA+ topics. I am a bi/panromantic demisexual woman, and I would be most comfortable reading for wlw and ace spectrum topics.

What are your credentials?

  • I am a published author with three novels on the market and my next manuscript on the way.
  • I have been critiquing and beta reading for other writers since 2016.

What genres do you specialize in?

  • I can read for fantasy, historical fiction, and romance.
  • I am open to reading for other genres, but be aware that I will not have writing experience in them.

What else can you help with?

If you don’t have experience with the things on the following list, I can look out for those in your manuscript for an additional fee.

  • Life in Canada (specifically on the prairies, but I’ve also traveled extensively)
  • Cold climate living
  • Vegetarianism – I was veggie for over a decade
  • Only Child Characters – I’m an only child (in practice, not biologically)
  • Senior Care – I worked in senior’s lodges for several years
  • Administrative Work – I’ve been a receptionist and an admin assistant

Critique Package

Full or Partial Manuscript*
$ 0
USD per word
  • The median cost of a critique is US$0.005 per word, or $400 for a full manuscript containing 80,000 words
  • This price is subject to an increase or discount based on the level of work your piece requires. Please submit a 1,000 word sample of your piece for a custom quote. The Sensitivity Reading package can be added to this for an additional $100.

Sensitivity Reading Only*

Full Manuscript
$ 250
  • I also offer sensitivity reading for LGBTQIA+ topics.
  • An additional fee of $100 USD would apply if included with the Critique Package. If you are purchasing a sensitivity read separately, the fee is $250 USD.

Critique Consultation

If you still want some additional assistance and feedback after the final critique is submitted you can book time slots to discuss plot points, character development, etc. You can book up to two consecutive hours at a time for a fee of $25.00 USD/hr. You may choose either voice chat or text chat over Discord for this service.


Erin is so easy to work with. Her approach is kind and gentle, guiding rather than expecting. She is more than happy to work with you on any further problems, explain the reasoning behind any suggestions she has made and provide insight as a reader and an author. Her critique showed me issues I had completely missed! If you choose to work Erin, you will not be disappointed!

Dahlia Burroughs

Author and Editor

Erin delivers some of the most thorough and thoughtful critiques I’ve ever received. She manages to make the process both eye-opening and completely painless; I actually find myself looking forward to her feedback and tackling the issues she points out. I feel so much more confident in my manuscript after Erin’s had her hands on it.

Jenna Moreci

Best Selling Author of The Savior’s Champion

Erin’s critique helped me see my work in ways I hadn’t considered before. She’s super sweet, and even though she let me know everything wrong with my piece, she was always sure to point out the parts she liked, too! Working with her was a positive, educational experience, and I hope I can work with her again in the future.

Gloria Russell

Writer and Blogger

Erin was extremely helpful to me by providing an in depth critique of a writing sample I needed for my graduate school applications. She gave detailed and comprehensive notes that genuinely helped me know exactly what I needed to fix in my works and the steps to go about doing that. She’s fair, but tough. She won’t sugar coat anything but also critiques in a way where you won’t want to throw your entire manuscript away. Would highly recommend! 5/5 stars.

Cassidy Wells

Content Creator and Student

Request Critique Service

Please complete the form if you are interested in a manuscript critique or sensitivity read. You will receive an email confirmation of my receipt of your request. Please include a brief synopsis of your story and indicate which package you’d like. Once you’ve heard back from me, we can figure out what exactly you’re looking for and determine timelines. Manuscript must be double spaced, 12 point font – Times New Roman or Arial.

  • Your story is yours. I make no legal claim over it and what I read is confidential.
  • Full Manuscript* is 80,000 words. If your manuscript is longer, price and timelines can be adjusted accordingly.
  • My services cannot guarantee sales, publication, or representation.
  • If I feel I would not be a good fit for your manuscript, I reserve the right to decline my services.
  • My opinion is subjective. Just because I feel one way about your work does not mean others will feel the same.
  • Payments will be made digitally through Paypal. Payment is due before work begins.

You will receive a response within two business days with the following information:
  • Confirmation of acceptance or refusal of service
  • If accepted, I will follow up with further questions, confirm timelines, send payment information, and request a copy of the manuscript via email.
  • Please be aware that payment will be required before work commences.