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Category: History

Happy Thanksgiving America

If you are celebrating Thanksgiving today, there are two people you should be thanking. Tisquantum and Sarah Josepha Hale. Tisquantum, also known as Squanto, is one of the reasons the pilgrims even survived and Sarah Hale is the...

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Deadly Nightshade

I recently watched MatPat’s video about Snow White and I was more than a little intrigued about his mentions of Belladona. I’ll post the video at the end so you can see for yourself. Atropa Belladonna has an interesting history...

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The Fight for Pants

When you get dressed you probably put on some form of pants and a top. What if you weren’t allowed to? If you live in certain areas, are part of certain communities/religions/cultures or work in certain jobs, pants may be...

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