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The Seoul Series
Heart and Seoul

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She’s living her very own K-drama.

Beside herself with excitement, best-selling author Tessa Hale flies to the vibrant city of Seoul, South Korea, where she’s meeting the cast and crew of the film adaptation of her book. The thrill shifts to star-struck panic when she discovers the actor cast as the lead is the idol she’s been high-key crushing on for years.

The last thing he wants is more real-life drama.

Baek Eun Gi is part of one of the biggest K-pop groups in the business. Music has lost its lustre, and he’s hoping a shift in focus will bring back that connection he craves. Although he’s estranged from his family, he has his friends, a thriving career, and a healthy respect for the dating restrictions imposed upon him.

Meet cute, scandal...wedding?

When their paths collide in the most unexpected—and embarrassing— of ways, they try to put it behind them. Too bad there are photos. The music company is irate and offers them a way out of the scandal—a marriage of convenience. Their lives are about to turn upside down, but it just might be the best thing that’s ever happened to them.

Erin tells a heart-warming story of new love, chosen families, and celebrity scandal, all wrapped up in a sugary sweet bow. This book will have you grinning for days on end as you replay each adorable moment in your mind.

Jenna Moreci, Best-Selling author of The Savior's Champion

More About The Book

What are the content warnings for this book?

This book contains scenes featuring Sexual Situations, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Mentions of Child Abuse.

Are there any tropes I should be informed of?

This book features the tropes: Marriage of Convenience, Found Family, Co-Habitation.

What groups are represented in this book?

LGBTQ+ leads (panromantic, demisexual, bisexual), Mixed Race Lead, Korean Lead are represented.

What are the ISBNs for the book?

The ISBNs are 978-1988931043 (paperback) and 978-1988931036 (ebook).

Who did the formatting and text design?

The formatting and text design was completed by Damonza.

When was the book first published?

The book was released February 4, 2020.

Who did your cover art?

The cover art was completed by Odette.A.Bach!

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