Today is my brother’s birthday so I thought a fitting blog post would be to pick out the most memorable brothers from books that I’ve read. It occurs to me as I scour my collections that there are not a lot of brothers in the books, or at least not a lot of ones that are portrayed in a positive light, so here are the cream of my book collection crop!

Alexander Helios – Cleopatra’s Daughter by Michelle Moran. Alexander is the twin brother of the title character, Cleopatra Selene. They go through a lot together, losing their families and being shipped to Rome to live with their captors family. Alexander is a huge strength to his sister and they are very close siblings. He adapts to his new life a lot faster than Selene does and helps her move past her losses so she can fully grow into her new situation and thrive.

Leif Liana Zaltana – Study Trilogy by Maria V Snyder. Leif has a lot of difficulties in his relationship with Yelena when they meet again after she’s been missing for 14 years. He feels guilty that he wasn’t able to prevent her kidnapping and reacts with anger and guilt until he finally gets over that emotional hurdle. Eventually he becomes a valuable ally for Yelena and they are able to develop a positive sibling bond that was denied to them both for so many years.

Fred and George Weasley – Harry Potter by JK Rowling. The Weasley twins are among my favourite characters in the Harry Potter series. They are talented, hilarious and fiercely bonded to each other and their family. If you’ve read this series, and most people I know have, I don’t need to tell you how awesome these brothers are. If you haven’t read these books, go read them and enjoy 🙂

Delaney Brown – Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts. Del is the older brother of Parker Brown, one of the four main characters in this batch of books. He helped the girls immensely in the start up of their wedding business. He’s a lawyer who gave up his half of the inheritance so his sister could employ their family home as the main location for the business and he also assisted with all of the paperwork, in addition to continuing to assist with their events and any other issues the girls encounter. Del is happy to do whatever he can to help out his sister and her friends and never tries to gain control over anything or overstep his sisters authority with her business despite his extensive knowledge.

Luke Skywalker – Courtship of Princess Leia by Dave Wolverton. I really enjoy the characterization of Luke in this book. He is an awesome brother, flying huge distances at a moment’s notice when Leia needs him and he risks his life numerous times to attempt her rescue from Dathomir. He’s a refreshing pocket of calm among the many other vibrantly dynamic characters in the story and he shows some excellent brotherly love.

Happy Birthday to my awesome brother 🙂 Sending the love!

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