We’re coming up on Canada’s Birthday! On July 1, 2016 Canada will have existed for 149 years! On July 1, 1867 the provinces of Upper Canada, Lower Canada, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia joined together to become Canada. It’s a pretty awesome place to live and I’ve been fortunate enough to visit quite a bit of the world’s second largest country, hitting every province except Newfoundland and the Territories. They’re on my bucket list though, so eventually they’ll get a visit from me. I’ve seen every province west of Quebec with my family and everything east of Ontario with my husband, all have been unforgettable trips. There’s a lot I’ve seen and even more that I want to see.

I unfortunately don’t have pictures to all of the Canadian wonders I’ve witnessed, but below are a few that I do have and love.

Peggy’s Cove

Peggy's Cove



Notre Dame Basilica

Notre Dame

Hasse Lake in my own backyard 🙂

Hasse Lake

Canada is a crazy country full of gorgeous landscape, diverse people and a pretty fantastic worldwide reputation. We’re big, bold and proud to be Canadian.

Coast to coast to coast, everywhere has it’s own unique charm that makes me love it. I might visit exotic locations, but Canada will always be home.

Happy Canada Day!!


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