I’ve been sick for over two weeks and also dealing with a sick husband towards the tail end. I’ve gotten next to nothing done. It’s incredibly frustrating, because I want to write and behind the fog of exhaustion, fever and sniffles, there’s a story ready to pour out, but I can’t quite grab it. I had initially hoped to be completed my manuscript this week, but that’s turning into a bit of a pipe dream. I’m still going to try though. There’s not an insurmountable left to write, I was just hoping to have gotten majority of it completed during my week off, but I still don’t feel back to 100%. I am so impressed with writers who continue their craft through illness and pain, I don’t know how you do what you do. I’m not very good at just writing a few lines or paragraphs at a time, I like to be more productive, but I’m learning patience through all of this. You can’t rush healing and you can’t rush writing, so although it’s a struggle to slow down, it’s something I’m coming to terms with.

It also occurs to me that I haven’t posted a What I’m Reading blog post in 2 months. Reading is an incredibly important part of the writing process, even just to recharge your brain and restart your creativity cycle. Most nights lately I crawl into bed when my eyes refuse to stay open and that’s left little time for reading. I still am reading a little, just not consistently or more than a chapter at a time, but I aim to get back into it.

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