Top 12 Best Tropes in Romance

I’ve talked about the worst, now I’m talking about the best! These are the romance tropes I love the most <3 Thanks for watching!

WIPmas Eve Writing Tag

I made a writing tag for the holiday season! If you’d like to participate as well, please tag me 😀 Thanks for watching!

What Makes A Monster?

Hey all, This week we’re discussing what makes a monster! Thanks for watching 😀

Favorite YouTuber Spotlight – SaimaSmilesLike

Hey all! Welcome to Favourite Fridays! Today I want to introduce you to the adorable and hilarious YouTuber Saimasmileslike. Saima is also a photographer, designer and blogger; you can check her out here:  She doesn’t post too often, but there are some real gems in her collection. I’m hoping she starts to post more […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – SuperCarlinBrothers

Hey guys! Welcome to Favourite Fridays! I love theory videos, so you can imagine my joy when I initially discovered the SuperCarlinBrothers. They have theories covering a wide range of fandoms; Disney, Marvel, Pixar, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc. They also have a variety of videos besides theories including Fast Facts, Google Autofill and Loot Crate […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Jonathan Young

I discovered Jonathan Young through another of my favourites, Malinda Kathleen Reese. They recently did a collaboration of Phantom of the Opera which I’ll post below. He has a delightful expressiveness when he sings and an almost ridiculous level of intensity in his music (in a good way). He always looks like he’s having the […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Chase Holfelder

Hey guys, It is time for me to share Chase Holfelder with you! He has an amazing voice with a lot of power and creativity behind his music. He has a really interesting series on his channel that takes popular songs and redoes them in the minor key, which gives them a deep, eerie quality. […]

Favourite YouTuber Spotlight – Malukah

Malukah has this amazing ethereal quality to her work and I know her best for her video game music and collaboration with Peter Hollens and Taylor Davis. Many of her videos are simple with her playing guitar and singing, but it’s just beautiful and I love listening to her. Check out some of her videos […]