Hey guys,

It is time for me to share Chase Holfelder with you! He has an amazing voice with a lot of power and creativity behind his music. He has a really interesting series on his channel that takes popular songs and redoes them in the minor key, which gives them a deep, eerie quality.

His channel only contains covers, but he was part of the band The Mile After where he wrote his own songs. I’d love to hear some originals and see him display his unique talents in what I think would be a truly amazing solo act.

Go enjoy his music, bask in the goosebumps of the delightful creepfactor of the minor key sung by a powerhouse voice.

Major to Minor – Best Day of My Life by American Authors

Major to Minor – I Dreamed a Dream – Les Miserables

Major to Minor – What a Wonderful World


And then some Adele, cuz who doesn’t love Adele?

Hello – Adele

Hope you guys liked him!

Thanks for stopping by!


Check out his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/chaseholfelder and here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYPNKQ7ssIJBwVbQcXwNQ4g/featured

Also shout out to Chase for being one of my first 40 followers on Twitter 😛

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