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Jenna is one of the best people I know and also an amazing talent. In case you’ve been living under a rock, her next novel is going to be coming out in April and you should get hyped!

In honor of her birthday I’m going to treat everyone (who doesn’t already follow her) to the places they can enjoy her work. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it, just go with the flow XD

Jenna’s website:

Here you can:
– check out the first 3 chapters of her first book, Eve The Awakening (read it, you’ll love it. It’s in my top 5 of all time and you need it in your life)

– join the mailing list to get all the updates on her upcoming novel, The Savior’s Champion. You need it, I need it, seriously, everyone needs this book in their lives.
(my review of it here:

– view all the hilarious merch in her store (go look, it’s amazing)

Jenna’s YouTube:

Here you can:
– learn a ton of stuff about everything in the writing process from a pro. If you’re working on a book, Jenna’s channel is the place to be. I’ve learned so much about the process from her and it’s definitely made me a better writer. I couldn’t recommend her more.

– enjoy tons of other videos of Jenna (and sometimes Cliff as a special guest) being adorable as fuuuuck

Jenna’s Tumblr:

Here you can:
– get sneak peeks of The Savior’s Champion!! This includes character portraits, excerpts and if you have your own Tumblr, you can ask her all sorts of questions about TSC every Tuesday.

If you want to join the cyborg army you can follow, subscribe or support her on patreon

You lucky duckies also get the pre-order for the kindle version because it conveniently went live for Jenna’s b-day! Here’s the link!!

You should also DEFINITELY watch the trailer for the Savior’s Champion, because it is lit.

Come join the cyborg army and support one of the best writers of this Jenna-ration <3


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