It’s my Birthday today! I decided to switch my Throwback Thursday post to today since it’s the anniversary of a really neat historical event. I absolutely adore Tudor history and for years I devoured information and historical fiction books about it. When I was taking a history class in University about the Tudors I learned that on my birthday in 1485 a turning point in British history took place. That was the Battle of Bosworth Field. It was the clash between Richard III is and his 15,000 men against Henry Tudor, Thomas Stanley, William Stanley and their 11,000 men. Richard III was the last Plantagenet King. The Plantagenets had been in power for over two hundred years by this point and claimed rulership of Britain, France, Ireland and Wales.

Battle of Bosworth Field

On this day in history a dynasty was toppled which ended the War of the Roses upon the death of Richard III. The War of the Roses last for over 30 years and is one of the major defining features in British history (and is a big inspiration for Game of Thrones). Richard III was replaced by the father of perhaps the most infamous king in British history; Henry VIII.

Henry VII gets a bit of a short stick in history, because although he is the founder of the Tudor Dynasty and brought about radical change to England he is eclipsed by his predecessor and his son in terms of general interest. Without the success of the Tudor armies on this day 531 years ago we would never have seen Henry VIII, Bloody Mary or Queen Elizabeth I. Easily the most recognizable historical figures for Britain (except perhaps Queen Victoria), who knows how history would have gone if Richard III had kept his life and crown.

Today the battlefield has an interpretive centre so you can go and learn things from the source. I haven’t been and prior to researching, I had no idea it was there, but now I’ve added it to my list of places to see whenever I next cross the pond.

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