Today is the Autumnal Equinox and the official end of summer in the northern hemisphere. In many traditions this is the time of year in mythologies where the light starts to lose its sway over the darkness. In terms of Greek Mythology, this would be the day that Persephone descends into the Underworld to spend half of the year with Hades.


While she is away her mother, in her grief over the separation, refuses to allow anything to grow. As the world goes into its hibernation state Persephone rules as the Queen of the Underworld and Demeter impatiently awaits the return of her daughter. In the original mythology Hades kidnaps Persephone and Demeter destroys the crops to force the hand of Zeus. When she is reunited with her daughter she finds that Persephone has eaten the food of the Underworld and must remain there for half of each year. The story plays out differently in my novel, Olympians Confessions: Hades & Persephone but today is a day that reminds me of them.


Happy Fall Everyone!

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