Robert Munsch is a crazy fun children’s author that has dozens of books out. I remember reading a lot of his work when I was in elementary school and they were all a delight. I’m sure anyone my age will remember him fondly.

My personal favourites are Something Good, Stephanie’s Ponytail, I Have To Go!, and Love You Forever. I think the last on my personal list is probably a favourite for a lot of people. It’s a sweet book that has been gifted many times over for occasions between parent and child. It has a bittersweet start since it was originally a song that he wrote to deal with the grief of two stillbirths.

Munsch is intensely creative and doesn’t shy away from the zany and obscure, taking all sorts of topics and crafting them into lively stories. He got a bit of a late start, not beginning to write stories until he was in his 30’s, but I’m sure everyone will agree that it’s better late than never.

If you have kids or you’re young at heart, you’ll find joy in at least one of his stories. He’s a wonderful talent that has worked through his share of issues and I think he shines all the more brightly because of it.

Thank you Robert for making my childhood reading material so colorful 🙂

If you haven’t read any Munsch books, you are deprived 😛 go and get one and enjoy!

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