I discovered Alex G when she did a collab with one of my other favourite YouTubers, Peter Hollens. Since then I’ve fallen in love with her music. She is talented, gorgeous and I also love that she isn’t shy about her struggles with her mental and physical health. She has a wide variety of original songs, but also embraces covers and collaborations with many other artists. She has a particularly beautiful collection she calls the Dining Room Sessions, which is basically her music stripped down to the core. (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKjb5CwZBVO4cHaT4FNB-gRm-wWEcK7n2). I’ve selected a few of her videos to give you a taste of her range and variety. I hope you like her!

Showing up – Original Song



Disney Medley with Peter Hollens

Payphone (Maroon 5 cover) with Jameson Bass

Shake It Off (Taylor Swift Cover) with Alyson Stoner (contains adorable dancing)

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