Amelia had her first novel published when she was only 14. That was almost 20 years ago now and she has since written 16 more novels. I’m going to be honest and say that I haven’t read all of her books, I didn’t even like ALL of the ones that I did read, but I did love one enough that I’ve re-read it a dozen times and it’s managed to stay one of my favourites for over a decade.
She has three different sets and all of her books are related to one of those three; the Den of Shadows, The Kiesha’ra and The Maeve’ra. My favourite of these is the Kiesha’ra which features shapeshifters at the tail end of a thousand year war and the rebuild of their worlds. The book that captured me the most is Hawksong, which is the first of the Kiesha’ra.
I haven’t read any of the Maeve’ra (mostly because I just found out it exists) and I haven’t read any of the new additions to the Den of Shadows. I have read her first 9 novels though. My personal favourites out of all of her novels are: Hawksong (Kiesha’ra Book 1), SnakeCharm (Kiesha’ra Book 2), Demon in my View (Den of Shadows Book 2) and Shattered Mirror (Den of Shadows Book 3).
Some people might be a little hesitant to get into her writing after the Twilight vampire craze, but her writing is vastly different and her early works had her hailed as the teenage successor to Anne Rice. Her works are primarily targeted to teens, but they’re a good read for anyone.
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