Stephanie Thornton is one of my absolute favourite authors in the wonderful realm of historical fiction (and most other realms too). She has made it her mission to pluck obscure women from history and breathe new and vibrant life into them. I pretty much just wait impatiently for all of her new works, but she thankfully produces pretty quickly so I’m not in a GRR Martin situation. So far she has four amazing books out with a collaborative book coming soon and another in the works! I can’t even decide my favourite between her books, they’re all so unique it’s too hard to pick.image1

Her books span four empires; Egyptian, Mongolian, Byzantine and Macedonian, introducing the world to different conqueror’s, time periods and locations with an excellent flare for detail and character design.

She is a resident of the wild and rugged Alaska, a travel stop I would love to visit again and I am super jealous that she gets to experience it’s beauty every day.

I love that she’s a teacher because when teachers are passionate about something it’s much easier for them to pass it along to their students. She has a classroom full of people sucking up that joy of history and I know how important that is because I didn’t develop my insane love of history until I had a teacher who shared theirs with me. She gets to take it one step further with her books, expressing that unique flare for digging up forgotten history and sharing it with the world so that we all get a little taste of her passion on the page.

I am so excited for Song of War, in which Stephanie gets to write the part of Cassandra in the Trojan War. The character just seems so perfect for her.

Her next novel, so far titled America’s Princess has me so curious and I am counting the days (or I would if I knew the release date) to finding out who it’s about.

Steph, please never stop writing, you are so talented and awesome and I couldn’t be more thankful to you for the work that you do.

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