I adore musical theatre and I adore history. As you can imagine, when those things are combined I get even happier. When I took a course on early American history in University I was constantly on the lookout for music that would help me study. Some random songs had a few gems of information, such as the intro to Pocahontas reminding me of the settlement year of Jamestown, or The Battle of New Orleans giving me some tidbits on the War of 1812. But now there is a glorious new musical that teaches people about the Revolutionary War and they actually enjoy themselves through the process! I haven’t seen Hamilton yet, but it has definitely been added to my bucket list. 

The first song I heard from Hamilton was ‘Satisfied’ and I was instantly in love and began to seek out more of the tunes. Lin Manuel Miranda has done the world an incredible favor by turning learning into something so enjoyable and accessible. The passion and talent in the music obvious and I was entranced when I first listened to all of the songs in order. Depending on your musical preferences you may be better served to listen to specific songs first, just to get them stuck in your head where it can rewire your brain into loving everything associated with Hamilton. I was never very fond of a lot of rap music, there was the odd gem that I enjoyed, but overall I generally prefer softer vocal styles. However, Hamilton may have changed my mind, though the combination of history and rap may have had something to do with that. If you are not into rap music I suggest checking out ‘Satisfied’ or ‘You’ll Be Back’ to get a taste of the musical, but definitely work through the rest as the style grows on you.

Go listen and start your journey into the Hamilton fandom 😀

Thank you to Lin Manuel Miranda for being crazy talented and incredibly dedicated to bringing this musical to life. You are the coolest!

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In case you have not heard about Hamilton prior to this post, you can check it out here: http://www.hamiltonbroadway.com/

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