This summer seems to have gone by so quickly. Between an intensive day job and writing most evenings and weekends, the days slipped past almost without my knowing. Much of the summer has been devoted to work, but there are a few times where we took some moments and devoted them to exploring the world around us.

I managed to get out to the mountains twice, which I haven’t been able to do for a couple of years. Between the great weather, amazing views, river wading and hundreds of photos snapped, the trips are two of my favourite summer moments.


I spent several mornings out at Hasse Lake, cultivating my newly emerged love of birdwatching. I was able to snap pictures of more than two dozen species (that I could identify). I love nature photography so it’s nice to find an activity that allows for the exploration of more than one hobby at a time.

Spotted Sandpiper

I ventured out to see a play at the Fringe festival for the first time in years. I’ve been to the festival many times, but only attended a theatre performance for the second time this year. What started out as supporting a friend turned into a delightful theatre experience that I would happily recommend to anyone.

My Boyfriend's Girlfriend Cast and Crew

The Perseid Meteor Shower graced us with its presence and I’ve never been able to watch it before. This time though part of it happened on a clear skied Friday night so we packed up snacks, blankets and flashlights and parked ourselves at the lake to watch the sky. The weather was perfect, no one was eaten alive by mosquitoes and we got to watch meteors flying across a crisp, starlit sky.


Life doesn’t need to be filled with constant excitement. My days are content and I love the work that I do everyday, but it’s nice once in awhile to break habit and experience something new.

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