Alex Boyé is fairly recent discovery for me, but I’m totally hooked. He brings an amazing Africanized twist to popular music and it just takes the music to a whole other level. He’s been involved in music since the 90’s and even performed alongside legends like George Michael. He was part of the boy band Awesome, but eventually left the group to pursue a solo career. This was a pretty brave move considering he lost just about everything he had in order to do so. Shortly after leaving the group he moved to Utah from London. In Salt Lake City he branched into theatre and became heavily involved in the Mormon community.

It seems like he’s really starting to hit his stride in his solo career. His Africanized version of Let it Go (see below) went viral and brought him millions of new viewers. If he looks familiar, you may know him from a collaboration video with the Piano Guys (also below) or from his time on America’s Got Talent.

He and his wife got married in 2007 and have five children together. Props to Alex for following his dreams. It’s only recently that he began drawing from his Nigerian background to influence music, but I couldn’t be more pleased that he’s pursuing that path.

Please enjoy and check out some of his music.

Check out his channel here:

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