Boyce Avenue is a band from Florida that is composed of three brothers, Alejandro, Fabian and Daniel, who make gorgeous music. I know them best for their acoustic covers, but they do also have a handful of original pieces and have since started their own record label, 3 Peace Records.

Original Song – One Life

The vocal and instrumental talent is phenomenal, standing up to the quality of powerhouses like Adele. Alejandro is the lead vocalist and an accomplished instrumentalist (acoustic guitar, piano and percussion). Fabian is lead guitar, both electric and acoustic, backup vocals and keyboardist. Daniel plays the percussion, bass, violin and also provides backup vocals as well. The wide variety of instruments gives them an amazing range of potential for their pieces and you get a really nice depth of sound when they’re all together.

Cover – Hello by Adele

On occasion Alejandro will perform acoustic covers without the assistance of his brothers instrumental talents and we’re blessed with an almost haunting version of popular songs.

Acoustic Cover – Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding

I adore the concept of family bands, sharing every milestone of success with the people who were around for all your other milestones. It just seems so sweet to me and I’m really pleased that Boyce Avenue has found success and continuous to produce beautiful music.

The other thing I love about them is that they collaborate with a wide variety of other YouTubers. Collaborations not only bring a new flavor to your creations, but you’re also sharing success with others and showcasing some amazing talent.  YouTube really lets artists take their own to the people and Boyce Avenue formed their career around making sure their fans had ready access to their work and sold out their first live show in New York through that dedication.

Collaboration Cover – Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum

I think that’s a good variety to get the feel for their music, they’re some of my favorite videos anyway 🙂

Go check them out, you’ll be glad that you did!

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