MatPat has some amazing channels and my favourites are Game Theory and Film Theory. He puts tons of research into his videos and sorts through theories from all your favourite video games, movies and TV show. He has an engaging personality and seems to genuinely enjoy himself during every video. I don’t play video games and I haven’t seen all the movies he discusses, but I still love the videos he produces. They’re fun to watch and I enjoy learning more about them and the related topics in each one. It’s fascinating watching his mind work and I’ve had my own mind blown during a few videos too. The level of research, thought and scientific knowledge behind some of these videos is monumental. 

I’ve picked out a few videos that hopefully shows the broad range of topics he covers. Prepare to enjoy!!

Game Theory

Toad’s Deadly Secret – Super Mario Bros.

Is Link dead in Majora’s Mask? – The Legend of Zelda

What are Minecraft Creepers?!? – Minecraft

How Pidgey proves Darwinian Evolution – Pokemon

Film Theory

How to Survive the Hunger Games

50 Shades of Grey Cult Theory

Game of Thrones Jorah Theory

Hope you enjoyed! 🙂

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