I’ve been listening to Peter for about 3 years now. He does amazing work and most of his videos feature every sound produced by his own voice. He does do collaborations with other artists, including Lindsey Stirling, his wife Evynne Hollens, Taylor Davis and many others. He does mostly cover songs, but also some folk music and original pieces. It’s hard to describe until you’ve watched how he works, seen just how much effort goes into every video where he uses multiple tracks of his own voice to create the background music.

These are the shortlist of my personal favourites he’s done:


Baba Yetu

Pirates of the Caribbean Medley

Ashland’s Song. This one is really beautiful, he wrote it about his son and it contains lots of sweet and personal clips of his life

Here is his general channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgITW_70LNZFkNna7VsXbuQ

I hope you like him!

Thanks for stopping by!


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