Tis the season for festivals! Edmonton is playing host to yet another batch of wonderful festivals this week including the Edmonton Rock Festival, The Fringe Festival and the Latin Festival. Each is unique and amazing and offer a wide variety of live entertainment. I have yet to attend the Rock and Latin Festivals, but I have been to the Fringe and will be attending this year as one of my friends is in a play!

The Rock Festival is put on by the Rock and Roll Society in Edmonton and will be running over August 12-13th and costs $110 for a two day pass. Featuring rockers such as Randy Bachman, David Wilcox, Lou Gramm and Rend, this year’s lineup is sure to please any rocker. It’s a much younger festival than others in the city, but enjoyment and steady growth should see it around for many years to come.



The Fringe Festival is the largest and oldest fringe style theatre festival in North America. It’s been running since 1982 and features nearly a thousand performers over its 10 day stretch. The festival is free to attend, though donations are always appreciated, you just pay for theatre performances, food, etc. Live theatre is awesome and the Fringe is a festival that supports new and potentially controversial subject matter to be displayed for the public. Not much is taboo when it comes to the Fringe so read the descriptions first if you don’t want your boundaries pushed.

The one in particular I’m going to see is called My Boyfriend’s Girlfriend and here is the charming description of this boundary pushing musical delight: Sage isn’t sure about her boyfriend. Decker isn’t sure about monogamy. Tricia isn’t sure about their gender. One thing they are all sure of is each other. A musical comedy about video games, polyamory, transition, and friendship. …It’s about queer people and it has a happy ending?! Whaaat?! XD

I’m quite looking forward to it and wish my friend Mandi many excellent performances.



The Latin Festival is a celebration of cultural heritage that features song, dance and food.  It displays the vibrancy of Latin America told by Edmonton residents who grew up there or on stories from their families. Under the About Us on their website you can read about how one Abuela (grandmother) prompted the creation of it through sharing her heritage with her family and it eventually expanded to invite the city into their family.

latin fest


Have fun out there!

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