This week is playing host to three amazing festivals in Edmonton: Heritage Festival, Folk Fest and CariWest. I’ve only attended the first of the three, but at some point I’ll make it to all of them.

The Heritage Festival is about celebrating the diversity of Edmonton, featuring dozens of ethnicities showing off their culture, food, music and history. It’s free admission so if you’re on a budget you can wander around and enjoy everything but the food. It’s been going on for just over 40 years now and is always really enjoyable and the food is delicious. I always love attending and watching the music/dance performances and seeing all the amazing diversity of people that call Alberta home.

Tanishka dance

Folk Fest is an annual music festival that’s been going on every year since 1980 and features some prime Canadian talent. I’ve never been so I can’t speak on the experience, but it’s a four day outdoor musical extravaganza! It covers a pretty wide variety of musical styles so there should be something for everyone’s taste and there’s also dozens of food vendors to satisfy the taste buds as well. It typically sells out really fast so if you want to attend you need to be exceptionally on the ball and have about $200 to spare to attend the whole thing.

Folk Fest

Cariwest is the bright and boisterous Caribbean Arts Festival that takes over Churchill Square in Edmonton. There’s a parade, costumes, music, dance and delicious food all celebrating Caribbean culture. It started as part of Klondike Days in 1984 and has since become it’s own wonderful festival.


Go out there and enjoy 🙂

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