As we get back into the new school year I can’t help but think about the amazing changes that are slowly making their way through the education systems of the world. With the rise of STEM, STEaM, forest schools and flipped classrooms, there are more options than ever for children to find their talents and express them. More than ever the world is recognizing that standardized learning isn’t the way of the future. People learn differently and technology is paving the way for children to accomplish incredible things. Given the tools, resources and passionate teachers, there’s no telling the advancements children can make.

Gamification is being employed more and more in education and it’s not a new concept. Anyone who played Math Blasters or Carmen SanDiego was participating in this phenomenon. Gamification is becoming more integrated and advanced, allowing whole communities to participate with one another and provide motivation and meaning for students.

In my experience, skills that were learned hands on have stuck with me far longer than anything I learned staring at paper trying to decipher meaning.

If you can learn about math, science, art and the environment through a game and have the same level of knowledge and understanding, or more, as a traditional lesson plan, then why wouldn’t you want to do that? Learning should be enjoyable, or at least meaningful, otherwise it can create obstacles to acquiring skills and understanding. If we teach children that learning is fun, they will pursue it on their own.

I am pleased that the concept of waiting until you “grow up” to do something meaningful with your life is fading away. Kids are making a difference, they are changing the world with their passion, dedication and intelligence. The least we can do is give them a positive framework in education to fire their dreams

Below I’ve attached a variety of links for anyone interested in some of these topics.

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