Feeding yourself can be a lot of work. If you don’t like cooking, don’t have the energy to, don’t have the time, or whatever your reason, then this blog series might help you. This is not about being lazy with food, because honestly, people have all kinds of reasons for not wanting/being able to put a ton of effort into feeding themselves. This is about making the most of your time and energy to give yourself something healthy and delicious to eat.

It’s not a surprise to most people who know me that I love cooking, but the way I go about it can be confusing for some. When it comes to food I am all about maximum outcome for minimal effort.

I’m not going to give you strict recipes because I believe in cooking with what you have on hand, with what you can afford, and what you like to eat. I’m bad at following recipes and it is a rare day that I don’t substitute something in one. A lot of times when I see “lazy” recipes they are neither inexpensive nor low effort. I promise everything in this series will be as little effort as possible without sacrificing health and flavor.

Setting Up Your Kitchen To Make Your Life Easier

Non-Edible Investments To Consider For Your Kitchen

Staples To Consider Keeping On Hand

Alternative Edible Investments To Consider For Your Kitchen

I’m not trying to shove a ton of stuff at anyone. These are all things I use on a regular basis that make my cooking experience easier. There are tons of other things that you can invest in if you have the money and the inclination to do so.

Keep note of what you use often and make sure it’s close to your cooking surfaces. Then you don’t have to go far when you’re making your meals.

So that’s all I’ve got for you today, thank you so much for reading! If you have topic requests, please feel free to send me a message 🙂

I will see you all next week with another post. Bye!

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