Today was supposed to be another vlog, but unfortunately life got in the way. I have one prepared, but I’m posting this instead. Today I found out that my grandpa passed away. He wasn’t really sick and there’s no confirmation yet on what exactly happened. I just talked to him on Thursday and all seemed well then. We were making plans to go for dinner together this coming week.

My grandma, his wife, passed away about 3 years ago and he missed her so much since then. They were married 56 years.

Like every human, he had his flaws, but he loved his family. He was a pretty solid part of my life for the last almost 28 years and I’m going to miss him alot. I wish I had more stories about him from his younger days. I’ve asked, but he was never keen on sharing too much. I have a few special things of his, though my favourite is the first valentine he ever gave my grandma. I know that he used to play the banjo, that he loved collecting coins, drinking coffee and traveling. I know that he grew up in Saskatchewan, has a ton of brothers and sisters, two daughters, two sons-in-law and two grandkids who will all miss him.

Much love to my grandparents, Al and Lorraine, together again to stay.


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