One year ago today I was waking up at 5:30 am to have my hair and makeup done in preparation for a moment I’d waited over a year prior to arrive. A year ago today I got married and in honor of that I’m going to pick out my favourite weddings from books I’ve read. Literature provides us with no shortage of couples, but it seems as though very few of them actually make it to the altar. Many have things stop short of a wedding prior to the end of the book or are already married prior to the start, or have no intention of getting married at all.

It left me with some rather slim pickings in my collection, but thankfully I adore all the ones I could find.

Zane Cobriana and Danica Shardae – Hawksong by Amelia Atwater Rhodes

These two marry in the pursuit of peace, a tenuous union between two warring peoples. Their wedding is not a happy affair, nor is it particularly supported by their families, but it is the stepping stone to the development of a rock solid relationship that ultimately ends centuries of warfare.

Theodora and Justinian – A Secret History by Stephanie Thornton

Theodora has a long hard road to get to the royal altar. She and Justinian are devoted to one another and it’s a happy day when they are finally able to join together, even if they had to wait for the previous rulers to die to do so.

Marguerite van Geldermalsen and Mohammad Abdallah Othman – Married to a Bedouin

This pairing is actually non-fiction. In the 70’s Marguerite was on a trip to Jordan and fell in love with Mohammad, one of the Bedouin who lived in Petra at the time. She follows both the legal proceedings that allowed her to stay in the country and the lively Bedouin wedding that allowed the community to celebrate with them.

Jamie Fraser and Claire Randall – Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

A wedding occurring under duress in order to protect Claire is nonetheless a stepping stone to a passionate relationship that is the stuff of literary legend. Claire and Jamie are one of my favourite couples and despite the circumstances Jamie goes out of his way to make the wedding as tolerable as he can.

Mackenzie Elliot and Carter Maguire – Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts

The Bride Quartet, as the title suggests, is all about weddings. To me remembrance, Carter and Mac are the only ones to officially get married within the context of the series. It’s an incredible wedding (as it should be considering she and her best friends run a wedding business), full of love, drama and friendship.

Weddings arrive and occur a lot faster than you might anticipate. I’m off to finish enjoying my anniversary, but thanks for stopping by!


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