For a lot of people, 2017 was a terrible year, so I’m going to start this off by saying that I hope 2018 is kind and prosperous to everyone.

My 2017 was still a really productive year. I released my new novel in July, Olympian Confessions: Hera and I completed the first draft of my next novel as well. I was able to finally quit my day job over the summer and start working and writing from home full time. All in all, it was a good year for me.

Goals for 2018

  1. Continue with daily practice learning Korean
  2. Continue with daily practice learning Japanese
  3. Write 1,000+ words each day, where possible
  4. Be consistent with blogs and vlogs
  5. Complete next drafts of my historical pirate novel and get it through beta reviews
  6. Be more consistent with my physical health – exercise, physio, eating on time and hydrating
  7. Explore things that are artistic, but not writing based
  8. Come out of the closet. Surprise! I’m pansexual <3 Love is Love


May 2018 be the year that you shed your fear and become more comfortable with yourself.

Peace and Love


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