Guys, it’s Election Day in the USA and I know I’m not the only person outside that country that is watching and waiting to see how it turns out. It’s been a long and oftentimes ridiculous road to this day. I’m just really hoping that all the fear-mongering doesn’t win out. I’m watching the votes roll in and trying to imagine what the world will be like tomorrow. The thing about the American elections is that they end up affecting a lot more than just the Americans. This election in particular has people all over the world worried and wondering. Whether he-who-shall-not-be-named wins or loses there is the potential for violence over the results. I’m curious, nervous and more than a little worried about what I’ll wake up to tomorrow. It’s hard not to feel uneasy with our neighbour country standing on this precipice and it’s uncomfortable to think that a racist, fraudulent, sexual predator could become president. The last election I paid attention to was when Obama was first elected and I was so proud of the states that day. Prior to that I was too young to vote and didn’t take much notice. Now I’m confused and bewildered by some of the things coming out of the states, but there’s nothing anyone outside of America can do but watch. So, I’m watching and waiting impatiently to find out the results.

If you are American, PLEASE go vote. Don’t let your missing voice by the one that tips the scales where everyone is afraid they’re going to tip. Do not throw away your shot to make a positive difference.

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Side tip, Michelle Obama rocks

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