Being a new author can be pretty hard. You’re relatively unknown except for your personal circle and suddenly you’re faced with the monumental task of getting yourself and your book noticed. Ultimately you could fork over a ton of money for marketing, but there are other ways to get yourself out there.

Usually the ways that I find my next book are through word of mouth or because it looks cool in the store. Unfortunately, being all new and shiny and totally unknown, my book doesn’t yet live on shelves. To get coveted shelf space you have to prove that you’re worth that space, that you’ll make the store money. In order to do that you have to make sales elsewhere so you’re not viewed as a risk by retailers. This leaves me with my favourite option: word of mouth.

If you have read the book, are thinking about reading it, or have no intention of doing so, but happen to know someone who might enjoy it, the best thing you can do for me is to say something 😀

Good ways to help authors are really the same as helping any local or new business.

#1 Buy what they’re selling – money going into this venture will keep them going and producing new works. Libraries and sharing the book with your friends are fabulous too, but they won’t keep an author writing the same way that purchasing the book will. Another note for this, if you go to the store to purchase or order it in, this will help draw attention to it and show books that it’s worth having in stock.

#2 Review! Review everywhere and anywhere if you have something nice to say. Review it where you purchased it, on sites like GoodReads, and other retailers where you see the book being sold.

#3 Promote it. Share the heck out of their posts, share the book with anyone and everyone who will listen both in real life and on social media.

#4 Come to any planned events and bring your friends. I’m still waiting on my book signing supplies to arrive, but when they do I will start working on events where people can attend and interact.

These are the big ones. It’s all about spreading the word and getting the book into the line of sight of as many people as possible.

Other ways you can help out are:
Read it for your book club
Upvote on GoodReads
Feature the book on your blog or other outlet
Like my author page
Read the book where people can see you
Again I want to thank everyone who has purchased the book/who intends to when physical copies are more available in Canada. You’re all making a difference and I’m so grateful for you and everyone who is supporting my dream.

Thanks for stopping by!


GoodReads page for Olympian Confessions: Hades and Persephone

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