Sometimes you’re sitting and doing nothing in particular and you’re struck with that lightning bolt, that burst of inspiration. Sometimes it’ll hit you and you have hours of ideas pouring out of your brain and through your fingers onto the page, other times you may only get a few minutes, but it could still be gold. This is why so many writers carry around a notepad or keep on next to their bed. I’ve been a little negligent in that, but I thankfully am never far from a computer, so it’s easy for me to jot down notes if I need to.

Dreams are actually quite a fascinating place to draw inspiration from, and now that I look into it, there are a few famous works that came from that subconscious world. Here are a few, if you’re interested: 

I’m going to start some short stories and poems in addition to my full length novels. One of the short stories I’m working on is inspired by a dream, or rather, a nightmare. I burst awake and wrote it all down and since then I’ve been spilling out random ideas and poems that will at some point become cohesive stories.

That’s all for now, inspiration calls so I should get to work 🙂

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