Anyone who’s seen the cover of my book will be familiar with my first blog guest!  Kristen Antunes is the talented, intelligent and beautiful face of Persephone! I hope you all enjoy getting to know her as much as I did!

Erin: Where did you grow up and what is your favourite part about the location?

Kristen: I grew up in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I lived in a quaint neighbourhood close to my elementary school, where I grew up spending time with friends and family. After moving to Regina for high school, I came back to Saskatoon for university, where I currently live now. I would say my favourite part about Saskatchewan is the summers. There are so many outdoor activities, beautiful lakes, warm weather and gorgeous sunsets.

Erin: How long have you been modelling?

Kristen: I have been modeling ever since I can remember! My mom was a photographer, so I grew up in front of a camera. She loved using me as a guinea pig for new ideas. It was something we shared as mother and daughter until it eventually became second nature to me.

Erin: What was it about modelling that caught your interest?

Kristen: Since I was kind of born into modelling, I would say what has kept my interest in modelling is the challenge it brings. As I’ve become more experienced, I find that the work, which is most challenging, is the most rewarding. In addition, I am so fortunate I get to work with many incredibly talented people. The community of artists here in Canada are astonishing. I am so grateful I get to be a part of the art that is created here in our own backyard.

Erin: What do you intend to do for a career?

Kristen: I completed my Pharmacy degree in 2014 and I am currently a practicing pharmacist in Saskatoon. However, I hope one day to open up my own flower and home décor shop.

Erin: What did it feel like to see your face on a book?

Kristen: It was an incredible feeling! In all my years of modelling, I never thought I would be so lucky to be immortalized on a book cover. It is such an honour to have my face chosen to represent an incredible writer, book and character! As soon as I could, I had to go grab myself a couple copies

Erin: Do you identify at all with Persephone?

Kristen: I would say I could relate to what Persephone represents. I have always felt a deep connection with nature, whether it be gardening, spending time outdoors or finding beauty in the new life of spring. I can also relate to Persephone’s incredible passion, especially when it comes to love and romance.

Erin: What are some interesting facts you’d like the world to know about?

Kristen: This is always a hard question! My favourite thing to do is travel. In fact, I just got back from two weeks in Ireland! I have been to quite a few other European countries, and I hope to see them all one day. If I could somehow find a job that lets me travel the world, I would take it in a heart-beat.

I am European citizen – My dad was born in Portugal, and before my brothers and I turned 18, he got us citizenship as well. I feel I should take advantage of that amazing gift someday soon.

I danced for 11 years of my life. I loved jazz, tap and lyrical. It’s definitely something I miss doing.

I used to write poetry. I hate to say “used to” but I haven’t in awhile, and I feel it’s something I need to tap back into.

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