Merry Christmas everyone!

I know a lot of people will be spending their time with family, I will as well, but I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.
There are a lot of holidays/festivals this time of year and I’m sure you’ve heard of the big ones (Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa), but there are tons more and I just love that December is so filled with holidays from traditions all around the world. Here are a few you might enjoy:

Bodhi Day is the Buddhist day celebrating the day the historical Buddha attained enlightenment
Christianity has several saint feast days (Saint Nicholas, Saint Lucia, Saint Stephen, etc.) in addition to Advent and the 12 Days of Christmas
Pancha Ganapti is an American Hindu multi day feast celebrating Ganesha
Yule is the Pagan festival of the winter solstice
Hogmanay is Scotland’s New Years Eve

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season (secular or religious) and that your time is filled with family and love.

Thanks for stopping by!

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