For anyone who doesn’t know, Olympian Confessions isn’t my only work that’s going to come out this year! I’ve already written a children’s book and it is being illustrated by the fabulous Ashley Dadoun ( I won’t give away the details of the book yet, except that it involves cats, but I will tell you about the inspiration for it.

I got Willow three years ago from the Hervey Foundation for Cats. We actually got both of our cats from Hervey Foundation, but only Willow is in the first book of this series. Snow makes a featured appearance in the next book though and will be in the future books as well.

Willow and Snow Willow

Hervey is run by its founder, Marjorie Hervey and she loves cats with a passion and dedication that is just amazing to me. She has dedicated her life to helping them and getting as many into loving homes as she can. She has helped over 3000 cats find their furever home since she started the foundation in 1988. I am so grateful to her and the car that she gave to Willow and Snow before they came into my life as spunky 6 month old kittens.

If you’re looking for a furry friend to add to your family, Hervey Foundation and other cat rescues tend to adopt through pet supply stores such as PetSmart and Pet Valu so it’s really convenient to meet your new addition and hang out with them to see what they’re like first.

In conclusion, cats are awesome. Thanks for stopping by!


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