My first children’s book has gone to the printer! In a few short weeks I will have my advanced copy to make sure it’s not all weird and wibbly, then after that it will be live for sale!

It features this lovely little lady:


This is the first among many children’s books to come. The Willow series is, obviously, inspired by my cat and features her as the sheriff of her small town. The series will focus on teamwork, cooperation, problem solving and community, all packaged in adorable kitty form.

I’m so excited that it’s FINALLY going to be out. It’s been a long road, as many first projects are, but now that I know the ins and outs of the process, future projects should be produced at a much faster pace. The second installment of the series is already written and storyboarding has started. There will be a lot of adorable Willow books coming out into the world!

I will update when I receive my copies and when the book goes live.


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