Anywhere can be the ideal writing space. It really depends on the writer, how much noise you can write through, what sort of environment helps you be creative, etc. The beautiful library with a massive desk and big comfy chairs with a roaring fireplace tends to come to mind, but most people aren’t quite fortunate enough to have access to something like that.

I’ve tried the whole coffee shop situation, but that meant packing up whenever I had to pee, which resulted in wasted time and potential loss of work space if I was there alone.  If I wasn’t there alone I didn’t get anything done, because then I’d be neglecting whoever I came with. I’ve written at the library as well, which is pretty effective on the quiet front, but still poses the same problem of bathroom breaks and spot losing as the coffee shop. A good work around for these writing locations are to make friends with another writer, then you can both work without feeling ignored by the other, and you have someone to secure your little fort of writing if you need to vacate it for any reason.

My personal ideal for a writing space is any desk. I work best in a structured environment, one that’s quiet and secure. I don’t have a desk at home right now, except a little lap desk that keeps my laptop from scorching my legs. Most times my writing gets done during my lunch breaks at work. It’s not particularly quiet, but I have a sweet desk set up and a good hour to devote to non-work things. I try to write at home as well, but then there are cats and they do not enjoy me being on my computer.

If it were just this sort of adorableness it would be much easier to work with:

Unfortunately, my one cat expresses her displeasure over computer use by going to the other side of the room and either chewing on cords while staring at me, or by trying to knock everything off the shelves, also while staring at me. This means I have to get up and provide love to get a minute or two of work time in return. Cat free workspaces definitely help you be consistent, but consistency isn’t quite as much fun as a soft kitty. Still, this is why I’m most productive away from home, there’s nothing to distract me.

I was looking up writing pods and places you can hide away to be productive and discovered this: Definite fun if you have kids who like writing or are working on homework.

Wherever you write, try to do it often, everyday if you can. Even a paragraph or a couple of lines gets you that much closer to completing your project.

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