A lot of writers may focus on a single genre, but I want to be one of the few that covers multiple genres. I have a lot of stories to tell and they don’t fit into any one genre. I feel like I have too many ideas to limit myself and even if not all of them are popular, that’s not going to stop me from writing them. The short stories I’ve been working on recently cover some of the unfortunately common issues of the modern world. I like covering topics that are unsavoury and portray them in such a way that readers who’ve experienced it may not feel alone. The short stories are so far all set in modern contexts and when they come to life I hope that they’ll be an accurate representation of pockets of our world.

Short stories are, by the nature of their length, a little less time consuming than novels. I’m hoping to produce one every 3-4 months and make them available on Amazon exclusively to see how they pan out. All I know is that I wake up almost daily with new ideas and I can’t turn them all into novels, so short stories seems like a viable way to go.

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