A blissful week’s vacation has just ended. I have to say that I was almost more productive than I anticipated I would be. Traditionally when I have all the time in the world I get easily distracted and don’t focus the way I need to. This time I set myself a goal of 1,000 words a day and pretty much blew that out of the water. Instead of a measly 7,000 I wrote over 17,000. I completed fourteen character profiles, designed a map for my fantasy novel, updated chapter guides, finished blog posts, recorded vlogs and just generally amazed myself with how much I got accomplished. Usually when I write I hit up around 1,000 words a day on the higher end, which is why I set that goal for myself, but there were some days I was clocking triple that.

I’m glad that as I continue writing I’m learning to be more dedicated and focused and it’s leading to things getting completed at a rate that are easily surpassing the timeframe on my first novel.

As an update on what’s happening, I’ve completed two short stories recently and both are poised for publication. My first children’s book is on the last proofing stage before being released and three additional ones are being illustrated right now. I’m devoting majority of my time and resources to two novels and likely the first of those to be completed will be Olympian Confessions #2! There are plenty of things coming, so keep your eyeballs peeled for them 🙂

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