Just a short post today, I’m knee deep in plotting. Writing a second book in the same series is a little more complicated than writing the first. You have to be vigilant against inconsistencies and it takes some careful tracking of characters, events and descriptions. The next book in the Olympian Confessions universe is my current focus and it’s really fun sorting through different mythological stories and figuring out who can trust who based on the personalities I’ve developed. I don’t want to spoil my own book so I can’t share much, but I’m so excited to create this character in a way that might get people to change their minds about her.

My next main character, in my opinion, is taken too much at face value in the original myths. No one really looks at her circumstances to wonder why her behaviour might be the way it is. It’s my aim with this book to change that.

Thank you to everyone who’s bought the book already and everyone who has supported this journey of mine. You’re the best!

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