I’ll keep this one short. I debated not doing a post at all, sort of a digital day of silence, but I want to acknowledge today.

I’m not a fan of violence and war, but I am grateful to those who fight for maintain our way of life and all those who have given their lives in the pursuit of peace. War seems to be a historical staple, but I hope one day it won’t be anymore. I hope that one day no one else has to give up their lives or their homes to unrest.

War tends to be used extensively in literature to add drama and plot, and it makes for good reading, but the reality of it cannot be neatly tied up at the end of a book. There are lasting effects to every war and it’s up to those still around to learn from them and find a way to build a future of peace.

I wish peace to all those who fought in any war and all those that were left behind.

Thank you


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