There are tons of lists that tell you all the foods you can regrow, BUT this list is going to be the most useful to you. So many items on those lists require a huge amount of space and time. Why would you regrow an avocado when you won’t see yields for years? Below you’ll see instructions on foods that I’ve regrown myself so I know they’re worth the effort.

Green Onions

These are the BEST self-replenishing food I’ve worked with so far. They’re so easy and they grow very fast. It’s absolutely worth it to invest in regrowing if you like them. I got 7 harvests off my onions before they started to look sad and I replaced them with a fresh batch.

onion growing 3

You can also simply grow them in a glass of water, but I was only able to get one additional harvest off my onions when I did that versus planting them in soil.

I tried to regrow regular onions too, but it’s honestly not worth the effort, time, and space required. If you have a garden, by all means, but if you’re working with it indoors then I wouldn’t bother. Onions take 3-6 months to grow. However if you do have an onion get away from you and start to grow the green shoots, those are delicious and you can cook them up very much like you’d use a spring/green onion.


I got a lettuce that came with the root system still intact so it was very easy to get growing again right away. I planted it straight into a small pot with well moistened soil.

Celery and bok choy would have a very similar process and growing time.

I’ve tried to grow a few other things – basil, cilantro, garlic, but none of them were particularly successful to regrow indoors for me. Everything else that shows up on those “regrow from food scraps” lists are things to contemplate if you have a garden or a huge greenhouse.

That’s all I’ve got for you today! I hope some of this is helpful for you ^_^


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