My first children’s book has been a long process with a lot of learning, but it is FINALLY here! It’s even more adorable in print than I imagined it would be, but I could be biased.

Unfortunately the Amazon Look Inside feature is not currently working, but hopefully soon you’ll be able to view the lovely artwork on there. Instead I will share a couple cropped images here so you can share in the cuteness with me.


For anyone who doesn’t know yet, Miss Willow and the Great Fish Mystery is about Miss Willow, the amazing cat sheriff who is in charge of keeping her town safe. Mousepaw is a sleepy cat village in the old west, filled with lots of fluffy residents to keep Miss Willow on her toes. She’s not a singular hero though and collaborates with all of her friends to solve the mystery of the disappearing fish.



It is the first in a series with the next scheduled to be released in 6 months. The books will follow Miss Willow and her friends through lots of fun in Mousepaw where they learn to cooperate to get the job done! I’m not sure yet just how many in her series there will be, but I am excited to keep working on them.

Willow is obviously thrilled too 😛


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