Sometimes you just need to take a break. I try to work on my projects every day, but I make sure that I take a break when I really need to. If you’re sick, tired, worn out or feeling miserably uncreative then you’re not going to do good work and you’re not going to enjoy the process either. Today was a day where I felt most of those things so I decided to give myself a full day to just not do anything (minus this blog post).

I think that sometimes giving yourself permission to rest is a vastly important part of the creative process. You don’t need to feel guilty over not being productive or accomplishing all of your goals each and every day. You need to make yourself a priority just as much as you make your work (or any other part of your life) one. If that means taking a few hours, days, weeks, whatever, you need to be able to do that without feeling too bad about it.

That’s all for now, going to get back to my day of not working.

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