When I write music is usually involved. Partly as a source of inspiration and partly to help get my mind in the mood of the scene I’m working on. You can also find some pretty fun and interesting songs when you’re searching by a random name without care for genre. Sometimes I’ll hunt down songs and craft my own playlist for working and other times I let the legwork get done for me and use ones already created.

Every so often I’ll stumble across a song that perfectly fits the tone in my head and the flow of the writing pouring out. Sometimes it’s only a couple lines from a song that resonate, sometimes it’s an entire collection of musical pieces, but they all assist in the creative process.

When you’re writing, it doesn’t matter if the music is ridiculous or stereotypical, what matters is that it helps you get into the zone. In that zone of creativity who knows what will show up, if you happen to need something ridiculous or epic to listen to in order to get to that zone, then do that.

I’m going to share a few of the playlists I listen to when I’m working, maybe they’ll help inspire you too.





Enjoy yourself when you work on creative projects, if you’re not having fun chances are you’re not going to be very creative. Music can help, so find a mix that works for you and go to it

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