Sometimes the muse in my head demands that something be written. It doesn’t much care if I’m on a deadline or if the new story it’s concocted is at all related to anything else I’m working on. All it cares about is that it gets onto a page right now. Tonight the muse has fallen head first into a new novella, completely ignoring the novel for the moment. My fingers can barely move fast enough to keep up with the thoughts and while it’s allowing me a quick divergence to write this blog post, I can already feel it pressuring me to get back to the story at hand.


Inspiration is a funny thing. Sometimes it abandons you completely and other times it comes barreling at you so hard you struggle to keep your head above water as the story pours out. It’s an interesting dynamic and with some practice you can learn to ride those waves, but other times, like now, it sort of bowls you over. With that in mind, I’m going to scamper back to my writing. Thank you to all my lovely readers, you guys are the best!

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