Cats are awesome.


I’ve shared many pictures and even videos about my fuzz bundles, but I don’t think I’ve done a blog about them before. Cats kind of get a bad rep about being aloof and not caring about their people, but that’s never been true for any cats I’ve had. They have distinct personalities and they’re actually a lot more intelligent than a lot of people think. Both cats greet us at the door when we come home and come when they’re called. They’ve been trained to do multiple tricks, including shake a paw, high five, tunnels and several others. They pick it up really quickly, sometimes within two tries and I’m always impressed by their enjoyment of learning and doing tricks. Cats love learning just like people do, they enjoy doing things that challenge their minds and showing off new skills. They’re even potty trained, though that took a lot longer to train than a simple high five. People seem constantly surprised that my cats have these skills and I find it so weird that no one trains their cats like they train their dogs. If you engage your cats you might just be surprised at what happens. Effort can get amazing results, just don’t right off felines and give them a chance to show their stuff. Try it, it can mean a better, more stimulating life for your pet and a more indepth relationship with them.

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