Guys, GUYS, this book is incredible. It has sailed to the top of my all time favorite reads and I just cannot explain how much I love it. It is going to knock off every sock and explode the damn sock drawer at the same time XD
The Savior’s Champion is Jenna Moreci’s second book. If you haven’t read Eve the Awakening yet, for shame, because it too is amazing. TSC is like nirvana in book form. I had every feeling while reading it; I laughed, I sobbed, I became so righteously angry I wanted to climb into the pages and end select characters myself. I could gush about it for ages, and lucky for me, I have a blog, so I can!

The Savior’s Champion follows our protagonist, Tobias Kaya. He is a gem of a human who lost his father two years prior to the start of the story and has become the breadwinner for his family. Tobias loves his mother and twin sister more than anything and is willing to sacrifice his career as an artist and potentially his life to give them the best life he can.

Thessen, the realm in which TSC takes place, has been ruled by a succession of holy Queens. Each Savior for hundreds of years has birthed a single daughter who goes on to become the next ruling Savior. When that Savior turns twenty the Sovereigns Tournament is held to select her a husband to rule by her side and ensure that the Savior’s line continues. The Tournament is open to any and all men that want to enter and the top twenty chosen go through thirty days of trials until a lone survivor remains – the new Sovereign to marry the Savior. Whoever is accepted into the Tournament is paid out A LOT of money, easily what Tobias would make in his lifetime as a laborer and he makes the split second decision to enter to help his family.

Tobias is a good guy, but he’s also not just going to roll over and let himself die in this Tournament if he can help it. Once Tobias is fully entrenched in the Tournament we have the enigmatic and beautiful Leila roll in to shake things up. Considering Tobias is in a competition to marry the Savior, falling in love with someone who is not the Savior would be a terrible idea, but then the best stories are built on terrible ideas like this.

If you want a beautiful pairing that focuses on mutual respect and affection, then look no further than Tobias and Leila. They are seriously such a good pairing. I want to say so many cute things, but alas I cannot, because this book isn’t out yet and that would be spoilers, BUT GUYS I LOVE THEM! You’ll love them too, don’t even worry about it.

As far as non mains go, I think my favorites are Delphi and Orion. Delphi is witty and beautiful with levels of sass everyone can enjoy. She also ships Tobias and Leila so hard. She’s a member of the Savior’s Court and Leila’s biggest ally besides Tobias. Orion is one of the competitors and he’s just so good. It would be easy to go every man for themselves in the Tournament or be a dick because chances are pretty high your allies are going to die, but Orion is still good anyway. He’s kind and wonderful and I just want him to be happy XD

I’m not even going to go into characters I hate because, God, there are so many I want to push onto a hill of fire ants.

Honestly, TSC is so amazing. I’ve read it twice and even knowing the twists and turns that were coming, it was still a wild ride. The world building is awesome, the characters are phenomenal and the writing is just 110%. I promise I was not exaggerating the level of feels this book gave me and I cannot wait for everyone else to get to read it too. I know you’re already excited, but figure out how to get even more excited, because y’all are not prepared for this book to punch you in the heart.


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