The Kamikaze (divine wind/winds of God) spared Japan from the invasion of the Mongols, not once, but twice. I recall learning about this event when I took my world history class in university. The Mongols were one of the most impressive invading forces in the world and possessed the largest contiguous empire in history. Still, even they were no match for the perfectly timed windstorms that defended the Japanese coast from two separate invasions. There is nothing particularly different from a kamikaze over a regular typhoon except for the timing.

Between the two invasion forces the Mongols lost an estimated 4,000 ships and over 140,000 men. It is said there were no survivors in the wake of either kamikaze. You would think losing that many men and ships would be a crippling blow to the Mongol Empire, but nope, it continued to expand for another two decades until the death of Kublai Khan, which is when things really started to go downhill.


What do you think? Was it pure coincidence that those kamikaze hit on the exact times the Mongols attempted to invade or was there some divine force at work protecting another land from being conquered by the Mongol hordes?

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