a new hopeExécution_de_Marie_Antoinette_le_16_octobre_1793

1977 is an interesting year. Not only is it the year that Star Wars: A New Hope came out, but it’s also the last year that the guillotine was used as a method of execution in France. How crazy is that? I always love things that are considered weird because people have no idea that something from ages ago (guillotine was developed in the French Revolution) remained in use until modern times. So many things we consider to be part of the modern world are closer to history than you might think. The guillotine was used as a means of capital punishment for almost 200 years and it seems strange to think that it was still in existence when the world learned about the story that happened “A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away”. It’s also a little creepy to think that both Star Wars and the guillotine would have attracted a similar amount of people. Before there were movies and public sporting events widely available people got their jollies by watching public executions. I for one am thankful that people eventually became more enamored with lightsaber battles than watching heads roll.

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